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No scope for Kaliaganj mustard oil trade outside WB

The mustard oil-manufacturing units in Kaliaganj, West Bengal, have been unable to find customers outside the boundaries of the state. Traders in the state rue this lack of trade opportunities.

There are over 150 mustard oil-manufacturing units in Kaliaganj, employing over 1,500 people. The industry has a collective turnover over Rs. 800 crores. These units not only extract oil from mustard seeds, but also make mustard seed cakes.

“Mustard oil from Kaliaganj is famous for its high quality, but there are not many opportunities to trader with other states. We sell mustard oil and other associated products to traders from various districts of West Bengal only,” said Shreeram Sen, an oil extractor in Kaliaganj.

“Although the state government is helping the industrialists grow by forming unions and starting training centres for the manufacturers, it has not done anything to expand the availability of trading opportunities outside the state,” said Sen.

“Neither are there any export opportunities, nor is there any network between the traders in Kaliaganj and those in other parts of the country,” said Pradeep Tagore, another manufacturer.

“The government should provide a platform, like a website, to help industrialists promote their products,” said Tagore.

“The government should also provide subsidies to the industrialists for technological upgradation, so as to reduce the dependency on labour,” he said.


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