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Nagpur pulses hub seeks govt help

Lack of state government support is hampering the smooth flow of work in the pulses processing units in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

There are over  100 firms in the industry, wherein  about 2,000 people  work.  The collective annual turnover of the industry is over Rs. 100 crore.

“The condition of the industry is very poor. However, we manage to  sell our products  in various parts of the country. We process all types of pulses in the  industry,  inspite of the infrastructure  being very poor,” said Rajkumar, one of the manufacturers.

“The poor infrastructure and the old technology used in processing  lowers  the productivity of the industry and the quality of  its products,” he said.

“There is no support from the state government  to the industrialists in finding a proper medium  to advertise  their products,” said Rajesh Malhotra, another manufacturer.

“Neither are there proper procurement facilities of raw material, nor  are there any  testing facilities. The state government should come forward to help the industrialists  grow in their business, and help them sell more of their products in  other states,” he said.