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Nadia brassware hub seeks govt help

Industrialists in the at brassware-producing units in West Bengal’s Nadia district are demanding financial support from the state government, to enable them to enter international markets.

There are over 150 units in the Nadia brassware industry, employing  about 640 workers. The industry has   a collective annual turnover  of about Rs. 50 lakh.

This industry manufactures products  like decorative  and household items, idols and hinges, among other things.

“The industry is suffering from lack of finance,  which has been adversely affecting  productivity, innovation and quality of  products. As a result, these units  have not been able to enter  international markets,” said Sharabhbhai, one of the manufacturers.

“We are not doing well on the export  front. We do not have the exposure necessary  for the export of  our products to other countries,” he said.

“The state government should provide financial help to the manufacturers, to enable them to  make products of better quality. It should also arrange for a platform that can be used for  export of  products,” said Proneet Kumar, another manufacturer.

“The items produced here are in highly demand,  and we just need  a little support from the government and nationalized agencies to enable us to export our products. The latter  could provide loans at subsidized rates of interest,” he said.

“There should also be a testing centre to test the products,  ensuring  that they are of high quality,” he said.