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Moga's agri implements cluster dying a slow death

Agriculture implements manufacturers in Punjab’s Moga district blame the state government for their sorry state of affairs. Among other things, Moga’s SMEs are demanding railway connectivity between Moga and the national capital region, according to an industry body.

“Moga, a border area in Punjab once had 100 units manufacturing agricultural implements, thereby employing over two lakh people. Today, the number of the units has reduced to just 20 and some 1,000 people are employed,” said Harmail Singh, vice president, Punjab State Agricultural Implements Manufacturers Association.  

“About a decade ago, the state government would give out subsidies to manufacturers. Today, it seems like the state government is not concerned. There is no subsidy on power tariffs; nothing for the purchase of land or machinery. The government does not want to improve the condition of the industry,” singh said.

“Moga is a border area and is not at all a well-developed part of the state. Most traders in the other parts of the country do not know about the industry in Moga. The lack of demand is also contributing to the decline in the number of units,” said Gurnam Singh who owns Droli Agricultural Works.

“There is no rail connectivity between Delhi and Moga and traders stop at Ludhiana and close deals there. They do not come to Moga to buy agriculture implements. Even laborers do not want to come to this area given that there is no rail connectivity with the major parts of northern India”, said Gurnam Singh.

“Small enterprises are allotted 20 kilowatts of electricity which is hardly enough for a manufacturing unit. The owners have to use generators to prevent stoppages in production. We have appealed to the state government for more power several times but nothing has changed,” said Gurnam singh.

“The Punjab government should arrange business tours to other developed countries, to help local manufacturers learn about newer production techniques. The government should help us export our wares; and help in skill development. The government should work on providing rail connectivity between Delhi and Moga.,” said Harmail Singh, the vice president of the association