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Milk Mantra readies plan to flood eastern India

Milk Mantra Dairy, a Bhubaneswar India-based milk and dairy products start up, plans to introduce new products over the next 12- 24 months in a bid to capture the market for value-added dairy products in eastern India, said chief executive officer and founder Srikumar Misra.

Milk Mantra sells milk and cottage cheese in the eastern Orissa state under the Milky Moo brand name. The expanded product portfolio – including yogurt, yogurt-based and milk-based drinks targeting health conscious consumers – will help the firm penetrate several urban markets in the east, including Kolkata which consumes some 16 lakh litres of milk each day, Misra said.

The company is looking to cash-in on the growing demand for value-added dairy products, Misra said. Milk Mantra will rely on innovative products, superior packaging technology and a better understanding of consumer demand to capture new markets, he said.

Misra’s company charges INR2 more for a litre of fresh pasteurized milk filled into superior milk packets that double the product’s shelf life. Their cottage cheese is packed in boxes, made from the same material used to pack milk, which extend its shelf life to 21 days, said Misra.

Both are finding takers because there is “no huge price premium attached to these products,”he said.

Milk Mantra is simultaneously working on expanding its milk sourcing backbone in the eastern Orissa and West Bengal states. It expects to network with close to 50,000 farmers within three years, from 5,000 at present.

The dominant players in the dairy business in India, the largest producer of milk, are local co-operatives. But “functionally different” products will help his company become the leading brand in eastern India, Misra said.