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Meerut mini gas cylinder hub faces challenges

Lack of technical knowledge among the workers and the absence of safety norms has been affecting the growth of the mini gas cylinder industry in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

The industrialists maintain that they are forced to run their  businesses without these  provisions, as  they have neither the capacity to launch them  nor  any support from the government   in  this regard.

There are over 200 units in this industry,  manufacturing  mini LPG gas cylinders. This cluster employs over 10,000 people, belonging to the local area. It earns  nearly Rs. 100 crore as collective annual turnover.

“We  sell our products  in various states  of the country,  but the amount of exports is low.  This is an old  industry,  but we have not been able to grow  it at the desired pace due to several problems,” says  Vishal Chaudhary, one of the industrialists.

“ On account of the  limited growth  of the industry,  the  younger generation is not interested in joining  it. The youth want to join multi-national industries for  a better future,” he says.

“ The major problems faced by the industry are  the absence of testing laboratories to ensure high-quality products, lack of technical knowledge among the small manufacturers, and lack of financial support from the state government,” says Manish Kumar, another industrialist.

“There is a lot of demand for  mini cylinders, and we have a sufficient number of workers  too, but we are not able to fulfil the demand due to  the lack of  infrastructural  facilities,” he says.

 “The state government has never helped us in establishing  our businesses or in achieving growth. It should provide us financial help,  to   enable us to  installing better infrastructure in the industry,” he says.  

“There are no arrangements for the safety of the workers who  manufacture the mini cylinders. The industrialists must think of our safety  too,” says  Raman Babu, a worker.