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Matigara potters seek automation

Potters in Darjeeling's Matigara town, in West Bengal, are seeking automation of the industry. Clay pottery in Matigara is, at present, entirely dependent on labour, which is affecting the quality of products, according to local potters.

The Matigara pottery industry comprises of 130 units, employing over 700 people. It has a collective annual turnover of Rs. 4 crore.

“Pottery is a very important source of income for the residents of the town. Many of them earn their livelihood from this profession,” stated Prabhuji, a potter from Matigara.  

“We have been producing pots and other products for years, and completely by hand. All of us have hired labour to help us in our work. Our productivity is low due to the lack of automation and the entire production process being worked manually. Lack of automation also adversely affects the quality of our products, as we are unable to provide a good finishing to them,” he said.

“There should be subsidies for the potters, so that we can have ceramic machinery to reduce human involvement in the production process. This would help us improve the quality of our products,” said Keshav Kumar, another potter.

“Automation would also help us diversify the range of products, by bringing innovations in designs. It would also help in making glazed tableware products,” said Kumar.


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