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Marobi ceramic industry growing by 20% pa

The ceramic manufacturing industry in Marobi in Rajkot district is growing 20 percent year-on-year. The manufacturers in the district are happy to witness the growth of the industry, according to a government officer as well as manufacturers.

“The ceramic industry in Marobi has over 1,100 manufacturing units in the district, and has a collective turnover of Rs. 50 crore. The industry has small and medium-sized manufacturing units, employing over 2 lakh people,” says Parveen Parmar, an officer at the MSME Development Institute, Ahmedabad.

“There is 20% rise in the number of units every year. People are shifting over to this industry to see a growth in their career,” Parmar says.

“The industrialists are not facing many problems, as there are good export opputunities. Over 70% of the turnover is based on the export of the ceramic products. These products are exported to USA, UK, Dubai, Bangladesh, and China. There is easy availability of raw material such as clay, as well as skilled labour,” he adds.

“However, there are a few problems that need to be solved to help this industry grow. For instance, the price of electricity here is high as compared to China. So, it is easier for the industrialists to import some products from China, which, in turn, increases costs,” says the officer.

“The industry faces a problems like lack of exposure to modern technology, the need for glazed tiles, non-enforcement of process control measures in production, lack of awareness regarding energy-efficient technology, quality, and lack of technical skills,” says Rajiv Kumar, a manufacturer.