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Low-quality raw material affects UP survey instrument hub

Low quality of raw material has been affecting the quality of production at the survey instrument making industry in the town of Roorkee, Uttar Pradesh.

The industrialists have failed to manufacture high-quality products due to various other constraints, too. There are over 300 units in this industry,  which manufacture various instruments such as survey compasses, spirit levels, precision levels, telescopes, ranging rods, levelling staffs and liner ranger, among others.

This industry employs  nearly 5,000 people belonging to the local area. It  earns  about Rs. 50 crore as collective annual turnover.

“We use old household utensils and scrap as raw material, as they are easily available and are cheaper. These utensils have a lot of impurities such as iron and other material,” says  Sushil Kumar, one of the industrialists.

“The presence of these impurities leads to the manufacturing of low-quality  finished products. We do not have much financial support to buy  good quality  raw material.
 There is also  to a lot of wastage of  raw material,” he says.

“The  industry also faces some other  problems that cause the manufacturing of low-quality products. For instance,  the industry uses conventional technology for production,  which fails to  generate  fine products. There is also a lack of skilled workers, irregular supply of electricity,  pot holes in the roads in the area,  and a lack of laboratories for  testing of the final products. Moreover, there are only micro units in this industry, which do not have high investment power,” says  Raman Kumar, another industrialist.

“The state government must try to solve these problems, to help these industrialists grow.  It should help in improving  the condition of the roads in the area, and should provide regular supply of electricity to  aid the smooth  functioning of the units,” he says.