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Lack of worker security in Gwalior sandstone hub

Lack of security for the workers is hampering the smooth flow of work at the sand stone manufacturing industry in Gwalior. Neither are there any safety arrangements for the workers, nor is there proper infrastructure available to them.

There are about 200 units in the industry, where over 2,000 people work. These units cut various types of stones. They earn a collective turnover of Rs. 25 crore.

The manufacturers export their products to various countries like UK, USA, Italy, Australia and Spain.

“We do not have sufficient financial support to bring in modern technology and other safety arrangements for the workers. We try our best to give the best facilities to our workers, but there are some constraints,” says Parneet Raje, one of the industrialists.

“The state government has never helped us in establishing this cluster and in bringing positive changes in it. Moreover, we have to pay high taxes to the government,” he says.

“The environment at the cluster is not very good. There is internal competition between the industrialists, due to which the manufacturers ignore the necessary safety measures for the workers,” says Rajmohan, a worker in the industry.

“The state government must provide some help to the industrialists to ensure safety of the workers and in growing their businesses,” he says.