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Lack of awareness in Haryana foundry manufacturers

Lack of knowledge about changing trends among the manufacturers is causing the foundry industry in Samlkha, Panipat district, Haryana, to lag behind others in the country.

These manufacturers claim to be behind the foundry industries in Batala, Agra and Ahmedabad in terms of market presence and variety  of products.

There are over 50 units in the industry that manufacture chaff cutters and cane crushers,  among other products.   Nearly 70%  of the industry’s total income comes from the sale of chaff cutters. The industry employs over 1,200  people, and earns  nearly Rs. 100 crore as collective annual turnover.

 The industry  sells its products in almost all North Indian states, but has not yet entered the markets  in other states.

“The units in the industry  do not use machinery  for production,  and depend upon workers for the  same. The labourers, too, demand high wages,  and  the rate of labour turnover  is also quite high,” says  Ganpat Mittal, Vice President,  Samalkha Industrial Association.

“We cannot afford  investing in machinery,  as they  are too costly to install. We do not apply for loans, as  there is a long procedure involved, and  a lot of formalities are required to get  aloan sanctioned,” he says.

“Nationalised banks and the state government should make the procedures of these schemes  simple, so that  manufactures are able to  take benefit  from them,” he adds.

“There is nobody to guide us about the choice of raw material and the use of modern technology. Most  small manufacturers use poor-quality  raw materials. They prefer to use untested raw material,  so that production gets  cheaper.  There should be awareness camps to make people aware about  good-quality products, proper packaging, and  the trends prevailing in the national and international markets,” says  Shree Prakash Basal, President, Samalkha Industrial Association. 

"There is a dire need to launch awareness camps in association with large industrialists, to create awareness among the micro and small  units, if the state government does  not  initiate efforts  in this direction", he says.