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Kerala engineers develop portable coir fibre extractor

A good option for cottage industries

A small, light weight de-fibering machine has been developed in Kerala for use in the coir industry. It can extract longer coir fibre from green coconut husk, reports the Hindu Business Line (HBL).

The machine, developed and patented by the National Coir Research and Management Institute (NCRMI), is a low-cost alternative to non-standard, high-maintainence machines currently in use. It was demonstrated to potential customers at the Coir Kerala 2012 trade event.

A single machine can process 3000-3500 green husk a day. It separates long and short fibres automatically i.e. there are two separate ports for the two different fibres. Extraction can happen on site eliminating the need to transport green husk, according to HBL.

The Kerala Department of Coir has supplied 300 extractors to coir units in the State. Being light weight, it is a perfect fit for cottage-industry units, the report said. The machine is a safer option for coir workers. It also has the potential to increase productivity, lower energy consumption and environmental pollution.

NCRMI hopes to sell the de-fibering machines to overseas customers. The Kerala Coir Department has set a target to sell 1000 additonal machines this year, the HBL report added.