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Karnal rice processing hub seeks tech help

The lack of knowledge among rice processors in Karnal, Haryana, is bringing losses to the industry. Even the state government is not helping the industrialists learn techniques to improve yield and quality of rice grains, according to industry veterans.

There are over 200 firms in Karnal that  process basmati and non-basmati rice grains.  The industry employs over 10,000  people, and has  a collective annual turnover of around Rs. 120 crore.

“The industrialists are not aware of the  modern techniques that can be used to improve the quality and   quantity of  products. The major reason for the lack of interest among the processors in quality cultivation, processing and yield of the crop is that many of them work the land on a contractual basis,” stated Harmeen Saini, an industrialist.

“The  major reason for the industry suffering losses  is the lack of upgradation of technology.  The industrialists  still use  harvesting combines of old designs,   which  not only lead to  cracks in the rice grains, but  also affects the yield, ” he said.

The Secretary of the Rice Millers Association in Karnal, RC Verma, stated that the industry suffered losses of over 20% in the past one year.

“Most of us have not standardised our products and procedures. Even the state government has failed to provide us basic facilities  like regular power supply, ” said Nirmal Kumar, a manufacturer.

“The state government, besides  providing  basic facilities to the industrialists,  should also create awareness among them   about  new technology. Most of the industrialists are not well-educated, so the state government  should convince them  of the benefits of  adopting modern technology,” he said.