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Kanauj perfumeries lack export opportunities

Lack of awareness among artisans regarding high-end international markets makes the fragrance industry in Kanauj, Uttar Pradesh, a backward one, according to industrialists.

There are  about 450 units in the industry, employing over 2,000 workers. The industry earns  a collective annual turnover of  about Rs. 30 crore.   Rose water, perfumes, ayurvedic medicines, body gels and other fragrances  are the major products of the industry.

“We  sell our products  in almost all  parts of the country,  but  have not  directly export to other countries” said Gangaram, one of the traders.

“The artisans are not well educated, and are unaware of the high-end requirements of international markets.  They just have knowledge about the local market. The reason for their lack of  interest in  international markets  is that most of them work for traders or exporters,” he said.

“The manufacturers are not aware of the significance of developing their own brand image and bringing innovations in their products. This careless behaviour leads to low productivity,  due to which we often fail to meet the  requirements of international markets,” said Raj Kumar, another trader.

“The state government should start a training school for the labourers, to make them aware  of the demands of international markets,” he said.