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Jaipur wire industry seeks modern technology

Despite using old-fashioned manufacturing technology and testing methods, the wire and cable manufacturing industry in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is making its mark in various countries.

There are  about 250 units in the industry, employing  nearly 4,000 people. The industry  largely manufactures copper wires, insulated cables and conductors, and earns a collective annual turnover of  about Rs.15 crore.

“ This is an old industry.  We have managed to make our mark in various countries in the  long period since the inception of the industry. We export our products to  countries  like the UK, USA, Africa,  South-East Asia  and Nepal,” said Raunak Kumar, one of the manufacturers.

“Our products are in demand by traders from various countries. Though  our products are  quite famous in  several countries,  we have not been able to build a  brand image for the industry,” he  added.

“We  use  old technology and  testing techniques.  There is   no standardization. There is a lack of  skilled labour in the industry, too,” stated Pradeep Patel, another industrialist.

“The state government should help the manufacturers  improve the infrastructure  in the industry, and also  in bringing in  some  new technology,” he added.