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Hupari's silver ornament makers need govt help

The silver ornaments manufacturing industry in Hupari town, in Maharashtra’s Kolhapur district, is disappearing owing to the lack of government support. Manufacturers have written to the state government for financial assistance and they await the same, according to manufacturers and traders.

Over 24,000 people are involved in this industry that reports a collective annual turnover of four crore rupees.

“The manufacturers take raw material from the traders and make silver jewelry. They sell this silver ornaments across the country. But there are not many opportunities for direct sales to various parts of the country,” said a manufacturer, Sachin Deshpande.

“There is no automation in technology and the manufacturing is all done by hand. There is no raw material depot and the manufacturers have to depend on traders for the raw material. There is no  quality testing center; and no design center,” said Yashian Khot, the secretary of the silver ornaments manufacturers’ association in Hupari.

“There should be a training facility for manufacturers to help them grow in this business,” said Khot.

“We have sent in our proposal to the state government and are waiting for the approval and the funds to build a training center; a raw material depot; testing and designing centers in the town. We hope that we get the funds very soon,” Khot said.


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