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'Huge opportunities in pre-school segment'

The constantly evolving education segment in India has become a great opportunity area in the last few years. Various sub-segments within the education domain have emerged as lucrative opportunities, one of them being pre-schools or play schools. Siddharth Todi, Chairman, Learning Place, shared his views about this segment in an exclusive interview with SupportBiz.

Edited excerpts:

What are the opportunities that are emerging in the pre-school education segment in India?

These days, parents want the best education for their kids from the start. Therefore, opportunities in the education market are huge. Innovation is needed in terms of study curriculum and facilities, to differentiate yourself, as there are so many players in this segment.

The present demand is so huge that it does not match supply. Good quality pre-schools are less in number, and only a certain amount of children can get into these. This has created a great opportunity of reaching out to the other kids who deserve to avail of best quality education.
What are the factors that pre-schools should focus on?

Reaching out to the right target market can lead to great opportunities in this sector. Also, for new start-ups, word-of-mouth publicity is very crucial. An entrepreneur has to be creative in this regard. Creating awareness about your niche expertise and informing the parents about the impact your school will make in their child’s overall development should be highly result-oriented efforts.

What are the challenges that entrepreneurs in the pre-school segment are facing?

First and foremost, awareness about the significance of pre-school education needs to be created among parents. They must understand how important such education is in their child’s development and growth. This is an area in which a lot of targeted efforts are required, in India.

These days, we are witnessing a lot of new brands in the kindergarten segment. What are the unique offerings of your pre-school?

The unique factor of our pre-school model is that we have a tie-up with IPC from USA. The biggest advantage we have is that our curriculum is different from others. We follow international standards in handling children. We offer a peer-reviewed curriculum, which includes elements of mathematics and play, in an objective, inquiry-style learning method. It is constantly evolving, and regularly being updated by leading professors and doctorate-holders in child education in USA. Also, our set-up is quite modern, with all the latest teaching aids and technology available. Our teachers undertake a six-month online teaching program. This ensures good quality education.
What are the trends driving this segment?
Unique curriculums, the use of new technology in teaching - like promethean boards, usage of different learning aids for children, increasing awareness of child safety, increasing importance of playing along with education, emergence of daycare centres, and the rising use of e-books are some of the trends becoming visible.

What are your plans for expansion?

We have plans to open at least 10 schools in Delhi and NCR. This will be through a franchising model. We have well-defined selection criteria for the franchisees, because we wish to ensure that the quality of schooling is not compromised and that our brand does not suffer due to giving a franchise to a sub-standard company.

Apart from Delhi, we also have plans to enter Tier-2 cities like Jaipur and Ludhiana, but this will happen at a later stage.