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Gujarat dye industry seeks tech upgradation

Lack of awareness about changing business technologies is causing difficulties for small dye and chemical manufacturers in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The micro and small manufacturers have not changed their production techniques with the change of time, according to industry veterans.

There are over 1,000 units in the industry that manufacture dyes, chemicals, and plastic packaging products. The industry employs over 4,000 people, and has a collective annaul turnover of about Rs.1,000 crore.

There are a few manufacturers who make organic chemicals, too, but most industrialists make dyes and other inorganic chemicals.

“The Ahmedabad chemical industry is a big one, producing various types of products. Presently, The industrialists are facing several problems in the smooth running of the units,” said Rajinder Kumar, a small manufacturer.

“There are environmental issues, as this industry is not environment-friendly. Though there is a common effluent treatment plant and sewage treatment plant installed to treat the water discharged by the industry, manufacturers have to bear with a lot of interference from the Pollution Control Department,” he said.

The industrialists are not aware of modern techniques of production, and hence, have to suffer a lot. They are not aware of the possibility of direct marketing of their products among clients in countries like USA , Europe and UK either. Also, they are unaware of the actual cost of raw material, and do not bargain while buying it at higher prices,” said  Shekhar Kumar, another manufacturer.

“The industrialists do not put in efforts to maintain the standard of their products. They have been using old techniques to make products, and have not adopted modern technology,” said Kumar.

"There should be a training centre for the manufacturers, to make them aware of marketing techniques and upgraded technology,” he said.