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Govindpura engineering hub lacks brand building

Lack of brand building is hampering the growth of the engineering products industry in Govindpura, Madhya Pradesh. The industrialists do not have sufficient opportunities to promote the industry in the market.

There are over 1,000 firms in the industry,  employing  nearly 5,000 people. The industry  earns a collective annual turnover of about  Rs. 25 crore. This is an old industry and manufactures heat exchangers, coolers, transmitters, switch gears, condenser.

It is a well-renowned industry, but   industrialists feel that  its image has not been promoted  enough.

“The reason for the industry’s failure  in brand building  is the weak domestic and international market network. We do not have links with many traders across the world,” said Harneet Kumar, one of the industrialists.

“Another reason  is that we do not have any facilities  to showcase our products and describe to interested customers the detailed range of  products we manufacture.  Most of the manufacturers  are not aware of the use of modern technology in promoting their products,” he said.

“There should be a training centre  to educate  manufacturers in the  use of the internet to promote their products, ,” said Deepak Kumar, another industrialist.

“Awareness should be created among the manufacturers and  workers about the importance of education and the use of modern technology in  business,” he said.