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Gas geyser sales fall in Amritsar

Once popular among the residents of Amritsar, Punjab, for their low usage costs, LPG-based water heaters are no longer in demand. Dealers have now stopped stocking these gas geysers, as customers no longer prefer them owing to safety concerns.

According to sources, people are not buying these geysers any more as they have proved unsafe to use. They produce carbon monoxide when used in less-ventilated bathrooms.

“Earlier, we used to sell over 50 gas geysers in a month, but now, the sale has fallen by over 60 percent. People do not want to buy them any more, as they are now well aware of their hazards,” said Sandeep Malhotra, a dealer in electronic items.

“Many local companies have also stopped the production of gas geysers, as dealers are not ready to keep them in stock,” stated Rajan Singh, another dealer.

“Earlier, people used to consider them cost-effective, but their sale started declining after a few unpleasant incidents that happened in the past few years. Many customers informed us of the incidents that took place in the last couple of years, thanks to these gas geysers. We (dealers) too do not recommend using these geysers any more, as the well-being of our customers is most important for us,” said Singh.

“I handled over eight emergency cases during the last winters, all incidents that took place due to the use of gas geysers. These geysers produce harmful gases like carbon monoxide, that displace oxygen in blood and could even lead to the death of the affected person,” said Sanjeev Mehra, a physician.

“We had installed gas geysers in our bathrooms earlier, but we do not use them now. We have now installed new electronic geysers, and have shifted the gas geysers out of the bathrooms,” stated Simmi Rana, a school teacher.