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Gadchiroli bamboo hub lacks global exposure

The bamboo and cane industry in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli district has a lot going for it and products see wide acceptance within India. The industry wants to grow more and seeks government support to export products, according to manufacturers.

The cluster has over 70 micro units, employing more than 2,500 people. The major products manufactured by the industry are bamboo furniture, mats, houses, boards, and crafted bamboo that is used to make incense sticks.

“We keep trying our hands at making different varieties of bamboo products. Most of us try to bring innovation in our work by adopting new designs and by producing new types of products,” said Rajinder Kumar, a manufacturer.

“Tourists and local traders like to buy products from us. The traders then sell them to the final consumers. We also ship products to other parts of the country. However, the industry has been unable to make its mark in other countries,” Kumar quipped.

“We produce high-quality products, but are unable to find a position in the international market,” said Lakshman Kumar Das, another manufacturer in the district.

“There should be a platform to give us exposure to trade in other countries. The state government should send traders from the cluster to attend industrial fairs being held in other countries,” stated Das.


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