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Focus Of Services Sector Will Soon Shift To Creating Different Value Chains

MSME secretary underlines the role of industry and government in boosting services sector

While the government is keen on enhancing focus on manufacturing with the Make In India campaign, it is felt that the contribution of other sectors is equally significant for the economy.

Madhav Lal, Secretary, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, says the services sector offers huge potential. And within services, he said, the MSMEs play a significant role and account for a substantial contribution to the sector.

Sharing figures, he said that the MSME segment contributes 7% to GDP towards manufacturing, but nearly 31% to the services sector.

“Therefore, there is a need to enhance the services sector, and MSMEs, to boost economic growth,” he said.

While speaking on the role of the government, he reiterated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement saying that the segments within services which have grown fastest have been those where Government presence has been minimal.

Cluster-wise development
He therefore stressed on the role that industry can play in boosting this sector, with support from the Government. He spoke about initiatives such as the formation of clusters, and how technology could be effectively used to connect and disseminate information by way of virtual clusters.

Going forward, he said, the focus will be on creating different value chains, and the strength of the economy will arise from how many of these value chains are globally competitive.

He encouraged industry to strengthen its role in boosting the services sector so that it is globally competitive. Appreciating CII’s initiatives, especially with regard to MSMEs and services sector, he spoke about how CII has facilitated loans from banks for MSME members, and said that the launch of CII’s portal, would accelerate growth and boost connectivity, a pre-requisite in today’s global world.

CII has partnered with CloudBuy, the global provider of e-commerce technology and B2B buyer-supplier solutions to create a secure online trading platform for CII Members.

In her special address, Lyn Duncan, CEO, CloudBuy, spoke of how the collaboration between CII and CloudBuy – the fusion of technology and CII’s wide membership base – would result in accelerating domestic and global trade using this platform.

Praveen Toshniwal, Co-Chairman, CII National SME Council, said that MSMEs are a major source of employment for over 100 million people and that India’s share in the global services industry can grow exponentially by improving cost value and global competitiveness.