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The fitness partner: Endzone

New Delhi-based Endzone is a one-stop shop for all fitness requirements. The company, started in July 2009 by two brothers Anant and Divyu Gupta, offers fitness services at multiple levels to individuals, corporates and educational institutions.

In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz, Divyu Gupta, co-founder of Endzone, shared his experience as an entrepreneur and the currently prevailing trends in the fitness domain. Edited excerpts from the interview:

What is the key differentiating element that you offer to your customers?

Although the healthcare and well-being segment is quite active in India, there are very few offerings in the market which work towards enhancing the immune system of individuals. There is also a lack of affordable fitness training in the market. The core focus of our business is enabling corporate employees to avail of our fitness trainings, helping them shape up their personal physique and build a stronger immune system, at affordable rates. We have a comprehensive network of more than 100 personal trainers, spread throughout Delhi. These well-qualified trainers deliver their expertise within the client’s premises. We focus on weight training, yoga, martial arts and other contemporary fitness exercises.

What are the key trends that you are presently noticing in the fitness and healthcare market?

The overall market is very attractive presently. It is growing rapidly, largely due to the fact that the younger population is becoming self-dependent with regards to their spending power. Their consciousness towards health is also rapidly increasing.

People today want to earn more, and at the same time, also want to invest in their health. This trend spells out a great opportunity for our service offerings for corporates.

What are the key challenges that this industry is facing?

The lack of entry barriers is the biggest challenge for our industry. Due to this, we see a huge number of newcomers in this field. Anyone can enter this industry and claim to be an expert. This ultimately impacts the clients negatively.

Also, there are no pricing and quality standards in this industry, which causes clients to get confused.

How has your business experience been so far?

We are growing exponentially. We started offering trainers to corporates some 10 months back, and this has produced great result for us. From a couple of trainers just some time back, we have now grown to a strength of 100 trainers across Delhi.