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Dismal conditions in WB optical lens hub

The optical lens manufacturing industry in West Bengal’s Munshirhat town is deprived of even basic facilities. Manufacturers in the industry have to work in filthy and unhygienic conditions. Industry veterans blame the state government for its miserable condition.

There are over 400 units in the industry, employing over 3,000 people. The collective annual turnover of the industry is over Rs. 30 crore.

“This is a very old industry, but its situation is worse than it was earlier. No steps  have   been taken  to improve    its condition. ,” said Mohnish Kumar, a manufacturer.

“Neither is there  regular supply of water, nor is there a proper drainage system. Even the roads in the area are pot-holed. These factors hamper the smooth flow of work, and  deter the growth of the industry,” said Kumar.

“The  area where the industry is located is densely populated,  making it impossible  for  the installation of further infrastructure.   Working conditions are dismal,    leading to  low productivity,” he said.

“The state government should provide an area where this cluster can be shifted. It should also provide  basic facilities to the units here,  to help  them grow further,” said Jagdish Kumar, another manufacturer.

“ The workers in the industry are not educated, and need training to bring better finishing to their products,” he said.