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Coimbatore: Manchester of South India

With over 250 large/medium scale units and nearly 52,000 micro and small scale units, Coimbatore is the heart of industries in South India. Engineering manufacturing is the key industry in the city that houses a large number of pumps & motors manufacturing units, light engineering enterprises, precision machining units for auto component, manufactures of textile machinery and garage equipment in addition to a number of foundries spread across the city.

Often termed the Manchester of South India for its extensive textile industry, fed by the surrounding cotton fields, the city houses a large number of textile spinning and weaving mills.

Engineering Industry:

Coimbatore has become a synonym for engineering manufacturing over the years and the industrial city is home for a large number of pumps & motors manufacturing units and light engineering enterprises, in addition to many foundries. The city is also home to a slew of engineering units undertaking precision machining for auto component, textile machinery, garage equipment and more.

Coimbatore’s heavy engineering manufacturing units cater to the needs of capital goods, machinery and equipment segments across the country, manufacturing metallurgical and power equipment like steel plants and boilers. The engineering industry also has a good number of execution specialists providing environment friendly solutions like non-electrical machinery and static equipment.

The light manufacturing units spread across the city from a key part of the Coimbatore engineering industry. This sector depends entirely on the demands of end-user industries and their focus is on automotive, power, mining, consumer goods, oil and gas and the likes which are generally used as inputs to the capital goods/heavy engineering industries.

Engineering Manufacturing Associations in Coimbatore for SMEs:

 - Southern India Engineering Manufacturers' Association (SIEMA)

 - Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (CODISSIA) 

Textile Industry:

About 50 km from Coimbatore, Tirupur is one of the major textile hubs in India. Known as the Knits Capital of India, Tirupur’s textile mills export over Rs. 13,000 crore worth of products annually, of which 65 percent goes to Europe. The city has roughly around 6,250 garment manufacturing units (sans the uncountable number of ancillary units) involved with various process of cloth making and the industry employs over 3.5 lakh workers in the process.

Tirupur, also termed the Dollar City for various reasons, supplies knitwear and other cotton apparel to many global brands such as Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), Tommy Hilfiger, Carrefour, Walmart, C&A and Marks & Spencer, to name a few.

However, the textile industry has lost its past glory due to various factors ranging from serious power deficit at home to closure of dyeing units due to court diktat, iffy demand, low wages, extra working hours and economic slowdown in Europe among many others.

Textile Industry Associations in Coimbatore/Tirupur:

 - Tirupur Exporters Association

 - Tirupur Export Knit Printters Association

 - The South Indian Hosiery Manufacturers Association

 - South India Imported Machine Knitters Association.

 - Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC)

 - Banian Cloth Manufacturers Association

 - Computer Embroidery Association      

 - Coimbatore Dist. Powerloom cloth Dealer Association               

 - Indian Hosiery Yarn Mill Association    

 - South India Hosiery Mfrs. Association                

 - Tirupur Bleachers Association                

 - Tirupur Collar Stitching Section Association      

 - Tirupur Cotton Merchants Association               

 - Tirupur Dyers Association        

 - Tirupur Export Knitwear Industrial Complex Association            

 - Tirupur Export Knitwear Manufactueres Association   

 - Tirupur Hoisery Yarn Merchants Association   

 - Tirupur Kaja Button Owners Association           

 - Tirupur Merchants Association              

 - Tirupur Narrow Tape Manufacturers Association          

 - Tirupur Power Table Owners Association         

 - Tirupur Powerloom Association            

 - Tirupur Screen Printing Association     

 - Tirupur Steam Calendering Association

Solar Powered Appliances:

With over 100 units engaged in the making of solar panels and other accessories that go into a solar energy kit, Coimbatore is one of the key emerging markets for solar energy component manufacturers. The units in the city have an annual turnover about Rs.100 crore and their annual growth is currently at about 15-20 percent.

The industry is all set to step into the next phase of growth with the Tamil Nadu Government unveiling an ambitious solar energy policy that aims to install solar power generation capacity of about 3,000 MW by 2016.

Major SME Associations In Coimbatore:

Coimbatore District Small Industries Association (CODISSIA)

The Southern India Mills' Association (SIMA)

The South Indian Sugar Mills Association (SISMA)

Southern India Engineering Manufacturers' Association (SIEMA)

The Coimbatore Tiny & Small Foundry Owners Association (COSMAFAN)

The Coimbatore Foundry & Industry Owners Association (COFIA)

Tamil Nadu association of Cottage and Micro Enterprises (TACT)

Tamil Nadu Pumps and Motor spares manufacturers association (TAPMA)

Coimbatore SIDCO industrial estate manufacturers association (SIDCOMA)

Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association (COINDIA)

Institute of Indian Foundry Men (Coimbatore Chapter)

Small Industries’ Testing And Research Centre (Si’Tarc):

The Indian Technical Textile Association (ITTA) – Coimbatore Regional Office

The Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI)

Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA)

The Coimbatore Motor Parts Dealers Association

Tamil Nadu Poultry Farmers Welfare Association – Coimbatore

Indian Wind Power Association – Coimbatore

Shuttleless loom Cloth Manufacturers Association of Tamil Nadu

South India Autoloom Cloth Manufacturers Welfare Association