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Cloud, Social Media Can Save Money For SMEs In 2014

To be productive, efficient and competitive, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) should leverage the endless opportunities of Social Media and should migrate their business on to the cloud infrastructure.

“If Small businesses are to save money, the best option is to move their businesses on to the cloud. While cloud can save them lot of money in their day to day operations, Social Media can be the best best marketing tool for small business,” Mike Pugh, Vice President of Marketing for j2 Global told to Bloomberg TV. Talking about the findings of a new study on cloud technology and what SME businesses need from their IT systems in order to be productive, Pugh said, “Some of the legacy business solution could be moved into the cloud that could be a cash register and their device management. This can save them a lot of money and they become more mobile. They can do business while traveling or from home.”

He also gave examples of various services that help small business move their back office to the cloud, so that they can be more efficient, more scalable and more mobile such as eFax or eVoice. “Fax is incredibly strong, even in this 21sth century, in the back office process of every business ranging from a startup to many big business. When it comes to moving money around and processing transactions, fax is still the core of the business activities. A productised service such as eFax makes an interface between the traditional fax which is paper and takes it mobile with mobile apps and different cloud solutions that allow someone to receive fax and send fax with due digital signatures but never need a fax machine.

“Ten years ago, if we wanted to start a business, we had to get office space, a phone system, fax machine and a cash register and all those great legacy ways of setting up a business and it would require months. And then we will have bills coming out from every different direction. But today with cloud services, we can get the business phone number from a service like eVoice, we can get the e-Fax number, set up a website, all in a very short span of time. One would have a fully functional virtual business with people sitting at different locations and the business can be up and running in no time,” he said.

There tends to be something new and hot all the time on the social media and lots of businesses are focusing on the really big social media outlets today. “Facebook has risen as the top player because that is where the customers are. So, a lot of SMEs are trying their options on Facebook along with the old tried and proven methodology which is email. These two together can be the best combo for SMEs in 2014,” Pugh said.