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Chinese goods impacting Meerut sports goods hub

The availability of Chinese products is adversely affecting the sports goods industry in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

There are over 3,500 small and micro units in the industry,  manufacturing tennis balls,  cricket goods, basketballs, sportswear, athletic equipment and boxing  goods, among other products.

“This  is a huge industry, where  over 7,000 people are earning their livelihood. The industry has  a collective annual turnover over Rs. 20 crore,” said Jagdish Kumar, a manufacturer.

“This is one of the most popular industries  in the country,   also exporting  to several western countries  like USA, UK and other parts of Europe,” he said.

“ The import of Chinese sports goods is adversely affecting this industry.  The local traders  import Chinese sports goods for their low prices and high quality,  which has  affected sales as well as  exports of  our locally made products,” he said.

“There are several reasons for the preference of Chinese goods over our products,” stated Prashant Kumar, another manufacturer.

“The industry also faces several other problems. For instance, raw materials  like bamboo sticks are not easily available,  leading to  higher prices of goods. Even the tools required  for production in this industry are very costly, so many  manufacturers still  use  old technology to manufacture their products,” stated  Kumar.

“The government should either impose a ban on the import of  Chinese sports goods or  levy  tax on  their import,” he said.



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