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CFL, LED lamps hit WB incandescent lamp hub

The increased use of Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) lamps and LED lamps has affected the incandescent lamp manufacturing industry in West Bengal’s Beliaghata town. There is a dire need to undertake steps to improve the growth of the industry, according to manufacturers.

There are over 60 small manufacturing units in the industry, largely manufacturing incandescent lamps, odd-voltage lamps and night lamps of low wattage. Over 1,600 people are involved in this industry, which has a collective annual turnover over Rs. 80 crore.

“An increasing number of people today prefer to use CFL lamps for their low cost and low electricity consumption. The government, too, is promoting the use of CFL and LED lights. This trend has adversely affected the manufacturing and sale of incandescent lamps in West Bengal,” said Prakash Chatterjee, an industry veteran.

“We export to various parts of the country, however the amount of exports has gone down lately,” he stated.

“The other reasons for the decline of the industry are unethical compitetion and low trust level among the manufacturers. Due to poor working conditions, wastage creation during the production process has increased," Chatterjee stated.

"Also, the manufacturers have poor links with outside traders, and have failed to manage their brand image,” he added.

“The manufacturers should install proper infrastructure to improve working conditions and quality of products. They should also start manufacturing CFL and LED lamps to keep pace with other lamp-manufacturing industries,” he said.