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UP bone accessories hub flourishes despite challenges

After building a reputation for itself in the domestic market, the bone accessories making industry in Loni district, Uttar Pradesh, is now trying to make its mark globally. It has entered the international market, where the products are being happily accepted by clients.

However, there are several problems being faced by the industrialists.  There is a dire need to resolve these problems  to bring prosperity  to the industry and  help it to grow further.

There are over 200 units in this industry,  which manufacture accessories such as necklaces, hair pins, earrings, knives, beads and pictures from bones. It employs  about 3,000 people and earns  almost Rs. 20 crore as collective annual turnover.

The industrialists export  their products to local  markets such as Delhi,  Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh,  Karnataka and  Andhra Pradesh. International markets include USA, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa  and the UK. “We have clients in a lot of countries, and their number is increasing rapidly. We receive orders from various locations. Though we have several problems that act as hurdles in our work, we try to deliver the best  products,” says  Sachin Kumar, one of the industrialists.

“The state government has never shown any interest in promoting this industry. It has failed  to provide  even basic facilities to the industrialists. Neither do we get a regular supply of electricity, nor do we get sufficient water supply,” he says.

“There are no proper working sheds, where we can have all the facilities  needed to work  comfortably. Both the labourers as well as  industrialists are largely illiterate, and do not know about modern technology and new designs,” says  Chandra Mohan, another industrialist.

“An association should be formed  to resolve all  our issues, and  to present our problems  before the state government. We have appealed to the government  several times to bring changes in the industry, but have not  seen any positive results,” says  Preetam Chaudhary, another industrialist.