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UP black pottery hub growing by leaps and bounds

The black pottery industry in Nizamabad, Uttar Pradesh, has helped considerably in the growth of the state. It is one of the fastest growing industries in Uttar Pradesh, contributing significantly to the state's revenue, according to local manufacturers.

There are over 1,000 micro units in the industry, involving about 3,500 people. These units manufacture water jugs, plates, jars, flower pots, containers, bowls, cups and saucers, mugs and incense holders, and earn a collective annual turnover of over Rs. 12 crore.

“We export our products to countries like the UK, USA, Egypt, Dubai, Canada and Germany, among others. Over Rs. 3 crore of the industry's total annual turnover is from exports to  these countries,” said Kundanlal, one of the manufacturers.

“Earlier, there were just 100 such units in the area, but now, the number has gone up significantly. However, we are facing several problems like lack of infrastructural facilities, lack of financial help from the state government, lack of marketing management skills and the lack of usage of modern technology. In spite of these problems, the industry is doing wonderfully well in manufacturing pottery products,”  he said.

"Most of us are not aware of advertising techniques for better promotion of our products,”  said Preetam Kumar, another manufacturer.

“We do not directly export our products, but involve local traders. Even traders from other parts of the country come buy these products, to later sell them in their own area,” he said.