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Bhavnagar plastic hub in dire straits

The absence of high-quality looms in the plastic manufacturing industry in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, has been affecting productivity. There is an urgent need for such looms in in the industry, according to manufacturers.

There are over 57 firms in the industry, wherein  about 10,000 people work. This industry largely makes ropes, twine and knitted cloth,  among other  products. These units have  a collective annual turnover of  about Rs 2.1 crore.

“The industry has not been able to enter international markets because of  the lower quality of its goods. There is a need to bring changes in the entire working system of the industry,” said Devbhai, one of the manufacturers.

“There are no high-speed needle looms  or automated rope-making facilities in the industry.  There are no nylon mono filament industries in the area,too,” said Rajesh Kumar, another industrialist.

“All of these  factors are playing a significant role in declining the productivity of the industry,” he said.

“The state government must provide subsidies to the industrialists to buy new automated machines, helping them  manufacture goods of better quality,” he added.