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Batapara rice flakes hub prospering

Despite being unaware of quality standards and other parameters, the manufacturers in the rice flakes industry in Batapara, Chhattisgarh, have managed to grow and generate prosperity. The industrialists claim that they work hard to promote their products.

There are 60 small and micro units in this industry,   producing rice flakes (poha), employing  over 1,500 people. Though  the number of units in the industry is low,   its collective annual turnover  is Rs. 20 crore.

“We are not being provided with any subsidies or  even basic infrastructure by the state government.  Most of the micro industrialists are not even aware of  quality standards, marketing skills, hygienic and energy-conserving  methods of processing flakes, and export opportunities,” said Kanchan Kumar, a manufacturer.

“The lack of awareness among the manufacturers makes them ignorant of their own rights and government policies,” he  added.

“In spite of our lack of know-how,   we somehow manage to  sell our products  in other states of India, like  Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Bihar. We do not know much about the international market for rice flakes. We are very happy that we are not lagging behind, , and are making good money,” stated Shobit Kumar, another manufacturer.

“People love our products.  Traders come here from various parts of the country to buy  them ,” he said.