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Are Amritsari suit lengths fading out?

Changing fashion trends in North India have adversely affected the fabric manufacturing industry in Amritsar, according to sources. There are over 300 fabric manufacturing units in Amritsar, which employ over 10 lakh people. Most of these units produce suit lengths for women.

The North Indian women, who were earlier known for their stylish salwar suits, are now shifting to buying ready-made garments, like tunics, leggings, jeans and other dresses. Most of these garments are manufactured in Ludhiana,” says Paramjit Singh, a local manufacturer of embroidered and printed fabric.

Most of the suit length manufacturers have, therefore, shifted to other businesses such as manufacturing of ready-made garments.

“We were already facing problems due to the anti-trader policy of the government. The government has levied VAT, and is not providing even basic facilities to the manufactures. However, the rejection from the customers is a major problem,” says Amrit Lal Jain, President of Punjab Pradesh Beopar Mandal.

“Once, suit length manufacturing was a flourishing industry in Amritsar, but now, we are finding it difficult to even survive. The customers are least interested in buying locally-manufactured items now. Earlier, people used to wear warm fabrics during the winters, but now, they prefer woollen tunics. The suit length manufacturing industry is totally decaying,” rues Bhushan Sood, a cloth trader in Amritsar.

“We find ready-made items more comfortable and fashionable. Most of the women in Amritsar have stopped wearing salwar suits, and now love wearing comfortable ready-made dresses,” says Poonam Sharma, a homemaker.