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Anand paint industry seeks govt help

The paints manufacturing industry in Anand, Gujarat, needs financial help from the state government to grow. There is a dire need for better infrastructure in the industry, according to the manufacturers.

There are over 50 firms in the industry, employing nearly 1,300 people. The industry earns a collective annual turnover of Rs.  200 crore. This is a big and well-established industry, famous for its products, which are, largely, decorative paints. The industry sells its products across the country.

“The industrialists are facing problems such as fluctuation in the prices of raw material, use of old technology and poor infrastructure. The reason for all these problems is the lack of availability of sufficient finance,” said Jagdish Kumar, one of the manufacturers.

“There should be some governmental agencies to provide finance to the industrialists, enabling them to improve the infrastructure, buy raw material of better quality, and hire skilled workers,” he said.

“There should be subsidies for the industrialists to help them bring positive changes in the industry,” said Sushil Kumar, another manufacturer.

"Financial help will not only help the industry grow, but will also help it make a mark in other countries,” he said.