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Ambaji marble hub seeks export opportunities

Despite being famous for its products throughout the country, the marble industry in the town of Ambaji, Gujarat, has failed to enter international markets.

There are  117 units in the Ambaji marble industry,  employing over 1,200 workers.  These units  largely manufacture  white  and green marble products.

“We  sell our  products in  various parts of the country, and have earned a good name due to  their best quality.  However, we have never exported to other countries,” said Bhavneesh Kumar, one of the industrialists.

“We do  participate  in various trade fairs  held in several parts of the country, but have never got a chance to get linked with  traders from  other countries,” he said.

“However, traders from  all  over India come to Gujarat to  purchase the marble products made in Ambaji,” he added.

“There are several reasons for the backwardness of the industry. One of them   is the use of old technology and lack of adoption of  modern technology. Even those who have adopted  new technology are  not much aware about  its proper usage,” said Haarith Kumar, another manufacturer.

“Also,  there  are no direct  opportunities for export  from Ambaji. We  need to depend upon  traders in other parts of the state to export our products,” he added.