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Ahmedabad plastic hub poorly managed

Poor management skills have become a hurdle in the growth of the plastic industry in Ahmaedabad, Gujarat. There is also a lack of marketing knowledge among the small industrialists, which is causing the industry to lag behind, according to manufacturers.

There are over 1,000 firms in this industry,  manufacturing plastic  pipes, tubes and rods, among other products. This is a big industry, involving nearly 15,000 people,  having a collective annual turnover of over Rs. 70 crore.

“The industrialists sell  their products in the local market,   but have  not been able to enter  neighbouring states,” said Sanjeev Kumar Bhairwa, an industry veteran.

“There are several major problems that need to be resolved. These include poor management    of the industry. Also, neither do the workers know the techniques of waste management, nor do they know the parameters of various plastic materials,” he said.

“These factors are really hampering the growth of the industry, as the  manufacturers have been  unable to bring good finishing and high quality to their products, leading to the losses to the industry,” stated Rajinder Kumar, another industrialist.

“The government should start a training centre to motivate youth to enter this industry. There is also a  need to train the existing manufacturers   in   different grades of raw material,   cleanliness and orderliness,” Kumar said.

“The manufacturers have  no exposure to export opportunities. The government should guide them   on entering export markets without the interference of  local traders,” he said.