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Agra carpet industry declining

The carpet industry in Agra, once quite popular in the country, is now declining due to various problems being faced by the manufacturers.

This industry  earlier flourished  as there was no major competition for it.  Presently, however, the industry has to face  tough competition from  the carpets produced in  Panipat and Amritsar, among other places. There are over 600 units in the industry that manufacture carpets, rugs and bed sheets,  among other products.  All of these units are micro  ones, and employ over 12,000 people  from the surrounding areas.  The industry earns  nearly Rs. 300 crore as collective annual turnover. The industry  sells its products to almost all  parts of the country,  but it is yet to enter the international market.

“One of the major factor that is  hampering the growth of the industry  is the inadequate infrastructure available  to it. There is absence of machinery in the industry, and the entire work is dependent on  labourers,” says  Rohit Pal, a manager of Shaan Carpets Industry.

“There is a shortage  of  workers in the industry, too.  The production of carpets  is time-consuming, and the workers are demanding for higher salaries. Many of them want to work under the NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) scheme, and  not  in the industries, as they  lack the skills   needed for this kind of work,” says  Kanwal Kumar, a manager at Raju Carpet Industries.

“Though a lot of toursists visit  Agra and buy the carpets,  the industry needs to be revived to grow further,” says  Neeraj Kapoor, a manager at Kapoor Durries.

“The state government must provide financial support to the industrialists,  help them in bringing in better infrastructure and modern machinery in the industry,  so that the  dependence on  workers can be reduced,” says  Kapoor.