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7 Tips For Startups To Increase Holiday Sales

By implementing proper strategies firms can gain more revenue.
Holidays are considered to be the best part of the year, especially for sales teams. As much as 40% of sales happen during the last two months of the year, according to a Yahoo’s holiday shopping trends survey. Spreading holiday cheer is fun, but rising competition makes it difficult for firms to get maximum customer traction. To ensure more sales, firms need to be proactive. By implementing proper strategies firms can gain more revenue irrespective of the prevailing economic conditions and competition in the market. 
Here are 7 tips that will help you increase the holiday sales and boost revenue. 
Make the website attractive: Celebrate the festive season by making the website and social media pages interesting just as you would decorate your home. Try to have holiday themed pictures or customize the logo on the website and social media pages with the festive colors. Have the landing page offering instant discounts to the customers. It is said that 65 percent of consumers plan to browse online and then go into a store to buy.
Offer discounts: Consumer generally waits for the holidays for shopping. Offer discounts to customers and compel them to make more purchases. Offer them price sensitive incentives that are available only during the holidays. Discounts can be offered on top performing products and can be promoted on the landing pages of the website. According to PriceGrabber’s 2013 Winter Holiday Shopping Survey, when shoppers were asked how the holiday falling over Thanksgiving would affect their shopping plans, 31 percent said they’d choose to buy a few gifts prior to the holiday and then take advantage of deals after Thanksgiving. 
Email Marketing: Email marketing is the best way to remind your customers about the discounts and offers that can be availed during holidays. The data from the CRM can be of great use. Personalized greeting emails can be sent to the customers offering them discounts on various products and services. Customers appreciate this approach as they feel that they are being addressed personally.
Print advertising: Even in the age of digital media we cannot ignore the benefits of print media. Special print ads based on holiday themes highlighting the special offers and discounts can be released. Print ads are very important tools in getting the attention of the customers that aren’t tech savvy thereby increasing the customer base. Flyers, pamphlets and posters can be used to communicate various offers and discounts to the customers. 
Engage in social media marketing: During the holidays, businesses can get maximum benefits by leveraging the Social media marketing. A Social Media Examiner report states 97 percent of survey participants use social media to market their business. Of those who commit at least six hours per week to social media, 95 percent say their efforts increased exposure for their business and often led to increased traffic. As per the results released by shop.org eholiday survey, more than half of retailers (54.8%) increase their use of Facebook in November and December, 59.5% increase their use of Pinterest, and 55.0% increase their use of Instagram. Running contests on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be helpful in increasing the website traffic which will lead to increase in sales. Firms can also indulge in some kind of donation and charity or can contribute for a good cause and can share it on their social media pages. 
Focus on up selling: Identify the products that can be paired together to increase the value of the sale. It is vital to train the chat agents to increase the up selling while assisting the customers during shopping. For example: If a customer is buying a sports bag, than there are fair chances that he will be interested in sports shoes. The chat agents can offer discount or can promote the shoes to the customer. It can lead to tremendous increase in sales as agents can target the needs of the customers. Moreover, slow moving goods can be paired up with complementary products.
Improve customer service: During the holidays customers have multiple choices. The only way to attract the customers is by giving them good service. If the customers are satisfied by the services they will purchase more and will visit the next time. More importantly satisfied customers will spread the word for the company. Incentives can be paid to the staff during the holiday season to drive in more sales and better service. Set goals for the sales team and track their performance. The company should have sufficient stock and resources to handle the customers during the holiday season.  
Holidays are the best part of the year to increase sales but without proper planning it is difficult to obtain the desired output. The companies should plan and invest in advance to welcome the holiday sales. Proper planning and implementation of the above tactics can be useful to drive more sales and get an added advantage over the competitors. 
(Sawaram Suthar is a digital marketing geek, helping small and medium business grow their businesses. Currently, he is marketing consultant at Skyward Techno, Inc that provides CRM and ERP. You can reach him @sawarams or via his blog thenextscoop.com.)

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