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‘Global opportunities for Indian wood industry’

The wood products industry in India is a vertical which is on the threshold of a change and the unfurling of several opportunities. Industry veteran Dr. BBL Madhukar, Secretary General of BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry, highlighted some significant trends influencing the wooden industry.

He  also highlighted   the key opportunities  knocking the doors of Indian MSMEs operating in the wooden products market.

Edited excerpts:                                      

What is the potential of the wood products market in India?

India is a vast country.  Because of the huge size and scale of the country, wood products have  great potential. India’s large population base and diverse life standards allow the large-scale consumption of wooden products. The most interesting area to watch out for is the growth potential of wooden houses.

What are the key drivers of the emerging market  for wooden houses in India?

Awareness towards eco-friendly houses is getting increasing day by day. Wood is a non-toxic, recyclable natural resource. Compared with the conventional building materials of concrete, steel and plastic,  logs of wood  are far better options in terms of safeguarding  nature. Wood is the best construction material that helps  preserve  the atmospheric carbon balance.  Moreover,  wooden houses can be built in less time, and are strong enough to handle all sorts of safety threats and measures to counter these threats.

 What opportunities  exist  for Indian MSMEs  in the wooden products market?

International collaborations and tie-ups with global players are great opportunities available for Indian MSMEs in this space. On the other hand, international players are likely to be more interested in getting  into the Indian market, as the consumption for wood is fast growing in  the country. As a matter of fact, I have witnessed a lot of Canadian companies  interested in the Indian wood products market.

 In the consumption space, wooden houses hold great prominence. For example, a large  number of Indians need housing and shelter presently, many of these in  areas  that do  not allow concrete construction. This leads to  opportunities  for the construction of wooden houses.