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This Woman Entrepreneur's Passion For Business Gives Rise To New Ideas

Sherry Anne Sudan, a teacher-turned-entrepreneur, shares her potentiality and versatility as a woman entrepreneur.
Sherry Anne Sudan, who owns an event management company Glitters , is planning to explore her skills in hospitality industry and to open a new restaurant in Gurgaon. Sherry Sudan tells Supportbiz about her passion which has always pushed to explore new avenues as a woman entrepreneur.

SB: From education to event management to hospitality industry, how has been the shift as a woman entrepreneur? Reasons 
Sherry Anne Sudan: For me, Events and Hospitality have few things in common, especially when it comes to real time hospitality to your client or customer, one should have calm approach, better understanding of where they are and what they want to approach. Also at both ends it's all about providing great hospitality and presentation, that might not just win you the client/customer but a long time reference and good business overall.  To be very specific about events to hospitality, I'll recall about being introduced to some big brands and insight about the hospitality industry. It has glamour and latest trends. Since I have been an avid foodie whether it be eating or preparing a meal, I feel it's my forte and I'm quite passionate about it, with En-the Japanese restaurant and Glitter Events, my passion has increased to new highs and I'm anxious to try my luck and see how it shapes up. 
SB: What transformation have you seen in the market of event management and hospitality industry? What changes do you expect after 3-5 years?
Sherry Anne Sudan: It’s becoming bigger and better. More commercial yes!! And thus creating more opportunity for employment.
SB: Share a brief about your new project? Where do you want to see it in 2020?
Sherry Anne Sudan: Let it come and you will get to know more about it. Though I have plans of revolving around good food and Liquor from different continents of the world, but at the same time I'm working hard towards my goal and by the time it eventually starts working, depending on the market & industry trends. The idea might get some more and new innovations, so let this one un-announced. By 2020 I would expect at least 3 more outlets under the same brand.
SB: What are the challenges you are facing and faced as a woman entrepreneur?
Sherry Anne Sudan: Without challenges, you can't learn to be fearless and more motivated to face them. Like everybody I have faced many challenges while setting up Glitter throughout, but I feel lucky that I am surrounded by some great people who are my very good friends. The major challenge was to establish myself without having big brand names to share initially due to which I had lot of difficulty to get first chance to prove my mettle once I had good clientèle, things were much smoother and the hard work & efforts I put paid off! 
SB: Being a part of education, event management, hospitality industry what do you expect in Union Budget 2016 from Finance Minister?
Sherry Anne Sudan: I feel for all the sectors there should a reduction in taxes. I feel it should not be heavy on the pockets of the consumer. 
SB: What is the sustainability plan of your current venture?
Sherry Anne Sudan: I wish to remain small but the best in the industry.
SB: What is your company’s turnover? Where you want to expect it to be in future?
Sherry Anne Sudan: Currently, we have presence in Delhi NCR and Bangalore. We would like to expand our business in more and more regions like South India. 
SB: Being a self-motivated woman entrepreneur any motivational message you want to share to women to motivate them for "start up India"?
Sherry Anne Sudan: I feel each one of us has a personal calling, best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of a service, working hard and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.