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Tulip Telecom launches on-demand cloud storage for SMEs

Tulip Telecom on May 3 launched two new services to cash in on the emerging opportunities in the managed back-up and cloud computing space, and is targeting small and medium enterprises (SME), said a senior company official.

The Mumbai-based company has partnered with the Bangalore-based EMC Data StorageSystems (India) to offer the services out of its new data centre in Bangalore.

"Managed back-up services can reduce the total cost by nearly 40 percent and increase the data restoration success rate to around 99 percent from 60 percent. The loss of data during restoration means loss of business opportunity," Deepinder Bedi, Executive Director at Tulip Telecom, told reporters.

He said that globally, the managed back-up services market is around USD4 billion and the hosted (remote) back-up service is around USD1.1 billion.

Tulip Telecom would provide end-to-end managed on-demand storage services and backup-as-a-Service (Baas). The services would be offered using EMC's unified storage and backup and recovery technologies.

"We will not be partnering with any other solutions provider for offering these two services," Bedi said.

He said that the Indian market for these two services is huge, and the company will be targeting the SMEs.

Bedi said that once the company exhausts the data centre capacity in Bangalore, it would branch out to other cities like Delhi.

On-demand storage and BaaS are cloud-computing based business models wherein information storage, back-up, archival and de-duplication technologies are offered to customers on need basis and as`pay-as-you-use' manner.

According to the 2010 IDC Digital Universe Study, the digital information in India will grow form 40,000 petabytes to 2.3 million petabytes, twice as fast as the worldwide rate over the next decade. Enterprises of all sizes will face an increasing challenge to store, protect and manage the rapidly growing digital information and comply with backup reuqirements.

"The global cloud computing market in 2016 is expected to touch USD4.5billion," said Rajesh Janey, President-EMC India.