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Ten tips for choosing a good business name

The importance of a good name for your small business cannot be stressed enough. A name is what conveys an impression about your business to your prospective customers, and the world at large. It helps you distinguish yourself from a plethora of businesses that dot every corner of the world today. Choosing the wrong name can spell doom for your business, while the right one can take it places. Here are ten tips to help you choose the right kind of name for your small business.

It should reflect what you do

Your business’s name should truly reflect what you do. It should spell out the personality of your business, of your products and/or services – mature, quirky, playful or otherwise.

Check availability

Once you have decided on a particular name for your business, check for its availability. Ensure that the name has not been taken by any other existing business unit. If a business with the same name exists, you can use a similar name, provided you are in a different industry. You might want to consult a lawyer before doing so, to stay away from copyright infringement issues.

Be original

Do not modify or borrow the name of an existing business just because you find it good or trendy. Do not blindly follow prevalent trends in naming businesses. Choose an original name for your business that indicates who you really are.

Be creative

Put on your thinking hat and get creative while you are choosing your business name. You can also indulge in word play and number games to create a unique name for yourself, which suits you perfectly.

Do ensure that you do not end up with a funny-sounding name or something that can be easily misinterpreted.

Test the name

Your business name might sound perfect to you, but there are chances of others having a different opinion. Once you have decided on a name, test it on a limited audience, maybe your friends and/or relatives. See how the name sounds when they speak it, and ensure that it is easy to understand, pronounce and spell out.

Enlist expert help

You might want to enlist the help of experts in choosing a suitable name for your business. Professional design and communication firms, with their considerable experience, can help you choose a creative and good name, which is truly reflective of you.

Think broadly

Think in a broad sense, when it comes to choosing a name for your business. Your business name should be relevant not only locally, but even when you expand your business beyond your present geographical boundaries.

Think of a name that will be relevant even when your business expands to include more products and/or services beyond its present scope.

Be web-friendly

The importance of a business’ presence on the world-wide web today hardly brooks an argument. Your business name should be web-friendly. In other words, a name should be short, catchy and unique enough, and should look good on a website.

Consider your target audience

Consider your target audience before you choose a name for your business. The name should reach out to them. You might want to test your business name with a limited part of your target audience, once you finalise something.


When you have decided on a suitable business name, you should get it registered with the authorities concerned in your city or state.