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Synergy between entrepreneurship and social causes possible: Arpita Bansal

Meet Arpita Bansal, a great example of serial woman entrepreneurship in India. She is the Managing Director of New Delhi-based Creative Nest Media. Apart from being an active woman entrepreneur, she is a member of the FICCI Ladies Organization and several social welfare organizations such as Maitrichaya, CRY, Care and UNICEF. She has strong plans to foray into global markets.

In an exclusive interaction with SupportBiz,  Bansal says  that she actively supports women's rights and is a strong advocate of women entrepreneurship. “I encourage women to embrace newer avatars, put their best foot forward, and pave the way for a better tomorrow,” she says.

Edited excerpts from the interview:

How did you start your journey as an entrepreneur?

I was young, when my father passed away. At that time, I  needed to look after my father’s business. It was a garment exports business, which I took over. Gradually, I developed  great interest in  areas like art, jewellery, design and the fashion industry, and  also in social work. My interests brought me in touch with several facets of business. In 2011, I formed Creative Nest Media as a self-funded media house. We are into the publishing of magazines related to fashion and lifestyle  and manages events.

Are you planning  to pitch  for venture capital  for your business?

I have a different opinion from the usual about raising external venture capital. I do not believe in raising capital from external sources unless and until the capital is actually needed. As far as my entrepreneurial ventures are concerned, I prefer to start as self-funded and grow organically. 

What kind of business activities are keeping you busy these days?

I am  highly focused towards the media and events businesses. My other commitments  include  fashion and jewellery designing and, of course, social work.  I am also involved in  businesses like hospitality services and in manufacturing, dyeing and laminating shoe cloth. 

Do you see any synergy between entrepreneurship  and social work?

Throughout the course of my entrepreneurial journey, I have always felt like giving back to the society. Since I am actively involved in  areas like fashion and Bollywood, I am also attached  to the social cause of ‘Save the Girl Child’.   My chosen areas of business  give me strong access to the masses.  My business has become an efficient platform to spread awareness  about social issues.  I am working on  social issues and entrepreneurship simultaneously, and I do believe that there is a synergy between the two.

What kind of events have you conducted so far?

We are currently involved in Miss India Elite 2013. Through this platform, we are reaching out to remote places,  getting great participation. We are finalising contestants for the main event, which is scheduled in July 2013 in New Delhi. Through road shows and auditions, we are generating participants for the main event.

What are your plans for the next one year to expand your business?  

As an entrepreneur, I want to foray into global markets. I am definitely looking forward to enter into the Middle East market  and begin my international journey there.  I am likely to kick-start this journey this year. Lifestyle will remain my focus for this expansion.