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Strawberry People: Developing practical business skills

Hyderabad-based Strawberry People provides client-specific training, coaching and mentoring to various organizations like educational institutions, corporates and government institutions across India. It helps people develop practical business skills, with the aim of making a mark in the current learning and development industry.

SupportBiz presents an exclusive interview with Sanjay Enishetty, founder of Strawberry People.

Since when has Strawberry People been in operation?

Since 2011. We are one year old.

What is your background?

Before starting Strawberry People, I worked with various organizations like Pronexus, Percept-India and IBM-India in advertising, marketing and HR. I also hold several degrees in Education.

How did Strawberry People come about?

Educational institutes today are bogged down by many financial and management complexities and are, thus, veering away from their actual goal. Due to the stark contrast between the expected and the reality, there exists a huge void in the minds of students. We decided to fill that void up.

While pursuing my MBA, I realized the need of a change in the regular education system, and hence began the quest to find out the gap and set things in order. This was when I stumbled across the training industry. In the process of working on myself and helping others, I ended up becoming a Career Coach from a Trainer. This led to formally setting up an organization with the core emphasis on adding value to the learning paradigm.

This is the need of the hour. We need to exponentially grow the pool of well-trained and skillful manpower to achieve the larger, national goal and take the leap from being a developing to a developed country. Hence, Strawberry People!

What is your revenue model?

We generate revenue in three formats:

  • Offering training services to educational institutions, corporates and government organisations
  • Deploying technical and language/soft skills trainers to clients
  • Organising open-house programs every month

Which of your services can benefit Indian SMEs?

One of our unique modules, ‘Step towards Entrepreneurship’, is especially designed for SMEs, wherein we provide training and mentoring services to start-ups by successful entrepreneurs on topics like writing a business plan, financial management, marketing strategies , pitching for VCs and angel investors, etc.

What are the major challenges you face?

The management of most colleges do not understand the concept of coaching and mentoring and focus only on employability skills. In such cases, convincing them is our challenge.

How did you arrange for the initial investment to start Strawberry People?

From my personal savings.

How big is your team at present?

We are a team of four, including myself. Apart from our core team, we have 60+ trainers, coaches and mentors associated with us, who provide their services whenever needed.

How is Strawberry People different from other training institutes?

We have made a mark in the industry by offering five advantages over our competition:

  • Unique and distinguished approach of activity-based training
  • Performance improvement guarantee for every program
  • Money-back guarantee if participants are not satisfied
  • Programs that are customized and focused on the needs of the group
  • Large number of trainers with diversified backgrounds and different styles of teaching

What are your expansion plans?

We plan to enter two- and three-tier cities soon, from where majority of India’s workforce comes, and where the need for programs like ours is extremely high.

We are also tying up with several successful names from the industry, and will soon be introducing the concept of mentor-mentee in educational institutions by providing one mentor for three students.

Tell us about your major milestones….

We presently cater to over 5,000 clients, and the number is increasing by the day! Within a span of one year, we have managed to make our presence felt across India.

What have been your major learnings from business?

Monetary investment is not the only deciding factor for the growth of a business. Having a huge infrastructure or marketing budget does not influence the business much, as long as you have belief and passion in your goal, and the skills to achieve the same.

Corporate Website: Strawberry People