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A start-up for cupcakes and pupcakes: Bite Me

Divya Ramasami, 33, is the brain behind Bite Me, a Bangalore-based start-up that specialises in unique cupcakes and ‘pupcakes’, meaning cakes for canines. The venture, which started in November 2011, is gradually becoming popular and a favourite among Bangaloreans.

SupportBiz talks to Divya about Bite Me and more.

Since when has Bite Me been in operation?

Since November 2011.

What are the different kinds of products that you offer?

Our product line includes very popular cocktail cupcakes such as Strawberry Daiquiri, White Russian and Bon Jamaica, Bite Me signature cupcakes like Blue Menthol, low-calorie cucpakes, regular-sized and mini cupcakes. We also make pupcakes - cupcakes for pets. We were the first in India to carry a line of cupcakes for pets.

How is Bite Me different from other bakeries?

Our USP is cupcakes for grown-ups. We are popular for our cocktail cupcakes. What sets us apart is the technical skills that we put into baking, a deep sense of aesthetics, and a dogged effort to put forth the best product, from procuring high-quality ingredients to using the right equipment and measures. We also have commercial-grade equipment that can handle any quantity, which most other cupcake brands find challenging.

Tell us about your background...

My team is right now me and my husband, Kingsley, who takes care of our strategy and marketing. We both studied Fashion Design at NIFT, Chennai. I pursued an MBA from Texas later, and worked in the fashion industry in San Francisco. My husband got his MIS from IU Bloomington and worked in Marketing for Salesforce.com and Digital Chocolate.

How did you decide to get into this venture?

When I was working in the US, I dabbled in the kitchen a lot and loved the experience. I wanted to give it a go more seriously. We relocated to India to go entrepreneurial. My husband and I have our own start-ups. Bite Me is the evolution of a weakness for baking I developed in San Francisco.

Pupcakes is a very unique concept. How has the customers' response been to the same?

The response has been pretty awesome!

Do you think the idea is sustainable in the long run?

Yes, I think so. Our pupcakes are getting quite popular, and our cocktail cupcakes are outselling everything.

How do you promote your business?

Online, mostly, through our Facebook page. We also get a lot of word-of-mouth publicity.

Tell us about the initial investment needed for Bite Me...

Bite Me is a tiny business, right now funded by family. We have big ambitions of becoming a chain, at which stage we will look for funding.

What are your expansion plans?

We have ambitious growth plans for Bite Me. We are working on getting our first store up.

What are the major challenges you face?

The lack of a structured team.

Any advice for prospective entrepreneurs?

The window of opportunity is narrow. Take advantage of your age ( read - energy levels, risk tolerance, lack of financial commitments, etc.), experience and willingness of investors. Go entrepreneurial if you are interested; if you fail, you can always find a salaried job. Focus on sales and repeat customers.

Corporate Website: Bite Me