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Soaring temperatures peak power demand in Delhi

Sizzling under 43.6 degrees celsius - five notches above average, Delhi saw power demand shoot to a new high of 5,271MW on June 21. This is the third time in June that power consumption has broken all previous years' records.

On June 16, the capital had recorded the highest-ever consumption of 5,265MW, while June 1 saw the consumption peaking at 5,178MW.

"Power demand was 5,271MW on June 21, which is the highest in the history of power consumption in Delhi," said a Power Department official.

The minimum temperature was recorded at six notches above average, at 33.6 degrees celsius, while the humidity wavered between a high and low of 41 and 21 percent.

According to the Met Department, rain is expected soon.

Until now, the highest-ever demand had been 5,028MW in August 2011.

In 2012, the projected consumption of power has been pegged at 5,500MW.

Over the past 12 years, the demand for electricity in the capital has shown an upward trend.

The peak demand for power reached 2,831MW in 2001 and has continued to increase ever since.