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Reasons Why You Should Use Sticker Printing to Promote Your Business


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Stickers are more than a way to personalize a yearbook or decorate a coloring book. They're one of the most effective marketing tools available to small businesses, and they're an excellent supplement to existing printed marketing materials. Here are a few reasons why you should be using sticker printing to promote your business.

You Can Make Anyone Your Brand Ambassador

Put a colorful sticker with your brand name on it and give it away as a freebie. The excited toddler in a shopping cart may show it off at the next three stores their family visits. Customers who receive a free large sticker with a corporate logo may put it on their laptop. Now they're advertising your company places you'll never visit. Put these same stickers on plain white T-shirt bags or brown paper bags used to hold purchased items, and you'll turn them into walking billboards for your business.

You Can Use It in Conjunction with Loss Prevention Methods

This can take a variety of forms. Sealing a paper or plastic bag full of purchased items with a sticker makes it more difficult for someone to slip one or two more items into it on their way out. Furthermore, this approach isn't as obvious as stapling a bag shut. You can put a specific sticker on large items on the bottom of carts to prove that they were paid for, and this loss prevention method may not even be noticed by customers. Or put it on boxes you ship to your customers, and they're more likely to pick it up and open it right away because they know the shipment came from you. You can use the stickers to hold the box sealed, and it is more attractive than thick layers of tape.

It Is Versatile

Using online sticker printing services is as simple as the process of ordering more business cards or additional flyers. However, stickers can go almost anywhere. You can put stickers on items to bring attention to things that are overstocked and/or on sale. You can add stickers to flyers to attract additional information or update them, such as when you put a "last night!" sticker on a flyer promoting a band or lecture series. You can add stickers to mailers to increase their vibrancy or update them in a tactful way, such as adding a sticker saying, "free childcare" or "bounce houses at our open house". This won't hurt your image the way scratching out incorrect information or writing new words on a printed form would. But you can put the sticker on top of incorrect information and make it seem like a marketing gimmick simply intended to add a little pop. For example, you can put a "we're hiring" sticker on the flyer advertising your new hours.

It Can Increase Customer Loyalty

Attractive stickers are a great freebie to give to your customers. If you send it to those who haven't purchased anything for a while, it will remind them of the brand and may entice them to buy. Sending stickers along with the order seems like a reward for doing business with you. Bumper stickers or large stickers they can place on a laptop or in a car window will be appreciated by your most loyal customers