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Rajasthan protests power tariff hike

People in Rajasthan are up in arms against the hike in power tariff, saying that it would put more burden on them, especially at a time of rising prices of essentials. on August 8, The Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission revised the tariff for different categories of consumers on the plea of three public sector discoms of Jaipur, Ajmer and Jodhpur that they are suffering huge losses.

A senior electricity department officer told IANS that domestic consumers using more then 300 units of electricity would have to pay INR5.15 per unit. The tariff was INR4.35 per unit earlier.

Similarly, consumers who use less then 50 units will have to spend INR3 per unit, as against the INR2.50 per unit earlier.

Those consuming electricity from 51-150 units per month will face a 65-paise hike per unit as the tariff has been increased from INR4 to INR4.65.

Consumers using 150-300 units per month will have to pay INR4.85 per unit which was earlier INR4.15.

Power tariff has been hiked for the industrial units also up to INR0.50 per unit.

The revised tariff will be effective after publication of the order's salient features by the discoms in their respective areas.

This is the second time this year the tariff has been hiked. The last tariff revision was made by the Commission in September 2011.

"The electricity bill is going to burn a huge hole in the pocket," said Madhusudan Singh, a resident of Sodala area in Jaipur.

Another resident, Kushumita Sharma, said: "It has become quite hard to cope with rising prices of grocery items. Inflation is at an all-time high. A hike in power rates would make it worse."