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Punjab farmers protest for MSP increase

The Amritsar police have arrested around 26 farmers in different areas for participating in a protest at railway stations in Amritsar, Tarn and Taran. The farmers had announced their intention to block railway tracks earlier, to demand for an increase in the Minimum Support Price (MSP) of agricultural products.

These products include paddy, rice and wheat,  among other crops.

 The protest  inconvenienced  several passengers  in both these areas.

The protestors included women, who had come from different parts of the state to participate in the  agitation. Though they  were unable to gather at the Amritsar railway station,  they managed to stage demonstrations at the Attari, Khasa, Tarn Taran and Kathunangal railway stations.

“We had planned the  protest to demand from the central and  state government to increase the MSP for  cereals, rice and paddy.  This will  not only ensure the security  of the farmers, but would also  protect  them from being cheated by  traders,” says  Ratan Singh Randhawa, President, Jamhuri Kissan Sabha.

“We have also demanded for  job security, along with  a compensation of Rs. 5 lakh for the children of the farmers who  committed suicide,” he says.

“The famers  face severe losses due to uncertain climatic conditions in Punjab, but the government can help them  by fulfilling  their demands,” he adds.

The police have arrested many  farmers from different areas of the  state, and did not  allow us to block  railway track at Amritsar. We will now give a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner,  demanding for the release of the detained farmers,”he says.

“We have come all the way from Sangrur to participate in the protest. It is  a matter of the rights of  farmers, and we will fight until our demands  are fulfilled. We will undertake  such rallies and protests in  all the parts of the state if our demands are not  met,” says  Jatinder Singh, a farmer.

Dharmendra Kalyan, Station Head Officer, GRP police station,  Amritsar, says  that the farmers could not block the railway tracks at the Amritsar railway station. He says that the police managed to control the situation easily.