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With pricing issues solved, Adobe’s prime focus is SMEs: Umang Bedi

Adobe Systems has recorded a staggering user base of more than one million paid subscriptions to its Creative Cloud offering ever since its launch last year - an impressive figure which as Umang Bedi, Managing Director, South Asia, Adobe Systems, points out, throws a clear light on the product’s fast adoption among the country’s SMEs.

Bedi believes the Indian SME market holds enormous growth potential for Adobe, especially as the company has got past the pricing issue. “I had my friends asking me - “should I buy a PC for Rs. 50,000 or buy Photoshop, or should I buy a camera of say Rs. 80,000 or buy Photoshop? All that is past. I think we have solved the issue of pricing with Creative Cloud. The issue is well beyond us because we have made it affordable to SMEs and today, they don’t really mind paying Rs 1000 a month for the product,” Bedi said. “We have also addressed the issue of education pricing as we brought the price down for students and teachers.”

Users were gradually pushed to a subscriber model for Creative Cloud as Adobe put an end to the perpetual licensing earlier this year. Creative Cloud for SMEs offers unlimited access to all Creative Suite desktop applications in addition to providing them various other applications including Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Edge, and Adobe Muse.

According to latest surveys, India has a large pool of SMEs, close to 40 million - 55 percent in the urban space and 45 in the rural areas. Breaking it further down, Bedi says there would be nearly 22-25 million SMEs in urban India of which 5-6 million work with computers and that is Adobe’s prime focus. “Adobe is relevant to at least half of them, which will easily be about 2.5 million”, he says.

“We are very focused on our SMB association business. We are working with few verticals and are really going to focus on building offers. Today we have an offer for SMB associations where we provide almost 30-50 percent off on our products. We are making our software a lot more affordable for the masses,” he says.

Talking further about the relevance of Adobe products in the SME space, Bedi identifies various industries from jewelry designing to furniture, textile, crockery, printers, architects, animation companies, photographers, videographers, publishers, regional print media, digital publishers, advertising agencies, newspapers, apparel manufactures and exports to outdoor media as relevant industries for Adobe.

Taking a cluster focused approach, Adobe works typically with national and regional SME associations. The collaboration begins with evangelizing the SMEs and goes ahead with promotional events awareness campaigns.